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What you’re getting with the Premium plan:

We’ll perform maintenance on your website every week, including but not limited to software updates, file backups, cross-browser/device visual testing, site repairs, security reviews, speed testing, link repair, spam removal, and email deliverability testing.

We’ll keep copies of your website on hand in case it needs to be restored.

If your website experiences an error, we’ll fix it at no additional charge. No surprise fees!

We’ll inspect and test your important pages on various devices and browsers to make sure you website is working properly.

This plan includes 2 hours of website editing so we can minimize extra billing for making changes to your site.

We’ll scan and protect your website from malware attacks that could jeopardize your business.

Your website will check your website every 15 minutes to make sure everything is live and functional.

We’ll optimize your website so it runs at lightning speed.

We’ll provide you with an SSL certificate to establish an encrypted connection at no additional charge.

You can count on the same, U.S.-based account manager to manage your requests!

Want to cancel, upgrade, or downgrade your plan? Just let us know before the end of your billing period.

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